Valuing Villages

Valuing VillagesValuing Villages’ is a practical resource produced by Farming & Countryside Education. It uses as its starting point the former QCA Citizenship Schemes of Work ‘Choices’ and ‘Local democracy for young citizens.’ It has relevance for teaching pupils at Key Stages 2 and 3. The pack consists of teacher notes and a bank of photocopiable activities.

Valuing Villages is based on the ‘Vital Villages’ project, which helped rural communities to assess local priorities and take charge of their future. ‘Valuing Villages’ embraces the same process and encourages young people to become more involved in local democracy.

The activities were trialled by teachers and pupils in Shropshire schools and the resource pack has grown out of their experiences.

"The Valuing Villages Pack is an invaluable tool for Parish steering groups to link local schools into the parish planning process. Many schools are now benefiting from the resource."
Caroline Oakes, Community Council of Shropshire.



Valuing Villages - Resource Pack and Teachers' Notes

Valuing Villages - Units of Work