Let’s Talk Farming

Lets Talk FarmingLet’s Talk Farming is the education brand for the NFU aimed to give children an overview of farming in the UK.

Two booklets have been developed to appeal directly to children.


letstalkfarming-activityThe Let’s Talk Farming Fun Booklet is aimed at children under 7 years old and includes characters farmer Ben and farmer Laura. With them, children can identify farm animals and follow a typical day on a dairy farm. Children can also join the dots to discover some of the hidden wildlife on Britain’s farms and colour in some of the activities that take place throughout a farmer’s year. The back cover features a fun cow mask to cut out and wear.

The Let’s Talk Farming  Activity Booklet
is aimed at children 7-12 years and features TV’s Adam Henson who explains about the different breeds of animal you may find on Britain’s farms. A hidden code on the page reveals one of Adam’s own favourite farm animal breeds. The booklet also contains fun activities about food chains, how farmers’ care for the environment and includes a crossword related to how electricity can be created from farm manure. There is also a ‘design your own’ farmhouse pizza recipe using a variety of British-grown toppings and Red Tractor ingredients.

The booklets are available to download now from the resources section of the Farming Delivers for Britain website – www.farmingdelivers.co.uk or alternatively you can request hardcopies from the campaigns team by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Download the resources from the Farming Delivers website