Poultry Education Initiative: Secondary Schools

Poultry Education Initiative

The Poultry Industry is keen to work with secondary schools, to provide information and activities for use in the classroom. We have a range of innovative school activities that can be used across a series of lessons or subject areas, and can be delivered as cross-curricular work.

Here you can find out where poultry topics might fit into your curriculum. Download suggestions of curriculum links.


Find out about today's poultry industry looking at topics from hatching chicks to the food on your plate.

This section contains a series of fascinating facts, pictures and film clips to introduce students to everything connected to the poultry industry. This includes the wide range of poultry products we take for granted from turkeys at Christmas, chicken tikka masala take away to pet food and pelleted chicken manure.

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Teaching Activities

Learn about the poultry industry through a set of lesson ideas involving thinking skill activities. Links are made to the geography and science national curriculum but they can also be used as stand alone activities in a variety of contexts

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Working in the Poultry Industry

Poultry is a major industry with a dominant share in meat consumption. Discover more about the wide variety of work that takes place and hear first hand from those who have made the industry their career.

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