Brogdale Collections

Brogdale CollectionsBrogdale Farm is the home of the National Fruit Collections, the largest collection of fruit trees and plants in the world.  Over 2,300 different varieties of apple, 550 of pear, 350 of plum, 320 of cherry and smaller collections of bush fruits, nuts and grapes are grown here in 40 hectares of beautiful orchards.


Brogdale Collections is a Social Enterprise Organisation which supports and encourages public interest in the Living Collection at Brogdale Farm.
Our long term focus is to attract visitors and tourists through events and festivals, guided tours of the National Fruit Collection and to facilitate courses, seminars, and educational trips for children and adults.

Brogdale Collections develops the public benefits that is based around the promotion of all aspects of fruit cultivation and consumption. 

Brogdale Collections engage in fund raising for projects to increase the interest for visitors around the National Fruit Collection. 

Brogdale Collections aim to enhance the facilities for paying visitors, make the National Fruit Collections more accessible to the general public, and create public benefits around the collections.  Other facilities are being developed on the site by the site owner to encourage a range of small businesses involved in the retailing and growing of local produce and promoting a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Education Contact:

Kimberley Campion
Brogdale Farm,
Brogdale Road,
ME13 8XZ

Tel: 01795 536250