My Farm Experiment
Thursday, 05 May 2011 11:21

w-news-my-farm-main_pictureThe National Trust is looking for up to 10,000 people to take part in a mass on-line public farming experiment where they will make key decisions at one of its working farms at Wimpole in Cambridgeshire.

The MyFarm experiment aims to connect thousands of people with how food is produced by giving them a greater say in how a real working farm is run. 

The Wimpole Farm Manager, Richard Morris, will set monthly options for the 10,000 Farmers, who will debate and vote on issues including whether to grow wheat, barley or oats as part of the autumn sowing, through to which animals to buy and rear.

For their £30 subscription fee, Farmers will get a daily behind-the-scenes insight into how the 1,200 acre organic farm operates, the right to make decisions on the farm by voting regularly and a family ticket to visit the farm for a day.

The MyFarm website will include video updates, webcams, live webchats, debates and comment and opinion from both well known farming experts and National Trust tenant farmers. 

Research suggests that school groups in particular may like to get involved, debating their decisions before entering.

For further information, visit www.my-farm.org.uk