Tuesday, 02 February 2010 17:28

LandLearnLandLearn is a statewide education program of the Victorian Department of Primary Industries, Australia.

The program aims to support and encourage student learning, to identify and value agriculture as a source of food and fibre, value and care for the land in a sustainable manner and recognise agriculture as providing attractive and rewarding careers.

The resources produced are for both primary and secondary school students and assist in having a school community with an improved understanding of the complexities and issues facing Victorian agriculture.

LandLearn creates and publishes engaging, hands-on activities that link to state curriculum outcomes.  Most recently, activities have been developed around climate change and its impact on food production.  As in the U.K., this is an area of study addressed in Australian schools, with teachers looking for resources and ideas that address the curriculum in meaningful ways.

LandLearn uses hands-on professional development sessions to introduce teachers to classroom activities.  As well as developing background knowledge and trying new activities, teachers are able to network with others who are incorporating sustainable agriculture themes.  LandLearn presents at geography, science and environmental education conferences.  

Many activities are available on our website and, with minor changes, would be suitable for use in schools in the UK.  Activities range from short demonstrations to larger scale biodiversity audits for the school yard.  LandLearn produces a curriculum resource each term and these are available on the website.

LandLearn’s website is: www.landlearn.net.au.


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