Bake Your Lawn
Tuesday, 25 January 2011 14:59

Bake Your LawnThroughout 2011, the Real Bread Campaign is showing children around Britain how to Bake Your Lawn and follow the Real Bread trail from seed to sandwich on your own doorstep.

Starting with just one square metre of ground and a handful of earth, our FREE grassroots guide will show you how to grow it, mill it, bake it, eat it.


Who's this for?
The guide is aimed at teachers and parents who want to support children having fun in finding that Real Bread starts in a field, not a factory.

We’ve also included tips and pointers to further information for allotmenteers, would-be good-lifers and everyone else who wants to make getting a sandwich a bit more inspiring than a trip to the chiller cabinet at a petrol station.


You can download the FREE pack NOW in time for spring wheat planting in February, March and into April.  We’re encouraging people around the country to organise community harvesting, milling and baking days from August.

If you’d like to help bring people together this way, you can find (and add) details of public Bake Your Lawn activities on our events page.

Digging and raking then begins again around September for winter wheat planting in October and November.


Visit the Bake Your Lawn section of the Real Bread Campaign website.