Back British Farming Interactive Flag
Friday, 08 November 2013 10:20

NFU FlagTwo hundred farmers joined together in a field with a tractor and hundreds of red, white and blue food and drink props representing every sector of British farming to create an enormous Union Flag.

Farmers are passionate, proud and dedicated to provide the best quality produce for you every single day of the year. So as part of the NFU's Back British Farming campaign theWorcestershire Young Farmers Clubs joined with NFU to create this iconic image and remind the country of the vital role farmers play in keeping us all fed – as well as delivering lots of environmental and economic benefits to Britain.

NFU Vice President Adam Quinney said: “Britain’s decline in self-sufficiency means that we currently produce just 62 per cent of our own food which would mean this country would not be able to feed itself after August 14 in a calendar year. Did you know that we import around £37.6billion worth of food and drink?

“We are, of course, a trading nation, but at a time of economic uncertainty a strong domestic food producing industry is essential. Right across the board British farmers and growers have a fantastic natural capacity to produce more British food, given the right market signals and the confidence to invest.

“This farming flag is a fantastic way of showcasing the people who work tirelessly to deliver that food and highlights the support they need from government, retailers and consumers so they can continue feeding our growing nation into the future.”

Take a look at the Back British Farming Flag and explore the stories of the farmers who make up the flag and watch how the flag was made.