Bright Crop
Tuesday, 10 September 2013 10:29

BrightCropLogo smallBright Crop is a cross-industry initiative that inspires new young talent to consider a career in farming and food supply by promoting positive perceptions of agriculture and the associated sectors.

The total Food and Drink supply chain employs 3.5 million people in the UK, equating to 13%, or 1 in 7 of everybody who is employed, making it the single largest employer we have. The bedrock of this sector is Agriculture, which contributes more than £10 billion to the UK economy.


This is a growing sector and it has been projected that we need more than 60,000 new entrants over the next ten years. Bright Crop is the destination website for students, teachers and parents to explore the scope and vast array of career opportunities in farming and food supply.

The Bright Crop website is a great way for young people to explore career opportunities across the agricultural sector. It hosts a number of case studies as evidence as well as links to potential employers and ways of contacting STEM ambassadors via social media. Bright Crop is working to generate a network of STEM ambassadors, and provides them with recourses to better engage with young people.

You can find the website at www.Brightcrop.org.uk.

Ways to get involved:
Register as a STEMNET ambassador to go into schools and inspire the next generation.
Think about offering real work experience in your business.
Help us promote the website across social media.
www.twitter.com/brightcrop & www.facebook.com/BrightCrop

A number of resources can be found on the Bright Crop Website (http://www.brightcrop.org.uk/information-for-industry.aspx)
For more information please contact:
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