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Quick Activities

Quick ActivitiesThere are times on a visit when you need to fill five minutes but you have no resources to hand. Maybe the coach is late and the children are restless. Perhaps something you planned did not take as long as anticipated. Perhaps
there is a pause before a group can move on to the next activity.

On the whole, children are not good at standing still and waiting. They are full of energy and imagination! Use this to your advantage and introduce these quick activities into your routine so you will always have them to fill those spare minutes if they occur.

Download the Quick Activities Booklet

Tudor Farming Day

Tudor Farming DayBe inspired by reading about the amazing Tudor Farming Day which happens annually on a farm on the Staffordshire/Derbyshire border.

Download the Tudor Farming Day Booklet

Maths on the Farm

mathsonthefarmMaths on the Farm is an online booklet of fun ideas and activities for incorporating maths into visits! The booklet was devised after a number of FACE seminars led by Steve Humble, "Dr Maths", who is an experienced maths teacher and tutor for PGCE students at Newcastle University.

Download the Maths on the Farm Booklet

Christmas Rural Crafts

Christmas Rural CraftsAt a recent FACE seminar we learnt how to make a variety of rural crafts for Christmas using natural materials.  Use the booklet to find out how to make these seasonal decorations with your visiting groups of children or adults.  Teachers may also find these activities useful in school as Christmas approaches.

Download the Christmas Rural Crafts Booklet

Summer Crafts

Summer CraftsThis online booklet provides lots of ideas for basic floristry projects to try with children or adults! All activities use cost effective items and materials you can gather outdoors.

Download the Summer Crafts Booklet

Involving Children In Risk On Farms

Farm SafetyThis resource aims to support teachers and farmers when guiding groups of children on farm visits.

It gives practical experiences to children, through active learning scenarios, allowing them to engage and interact with farm hazards in a controlled environment, avoiding giving children a prescribed set of ‘do’s and don’ts. Rather, it aims to let children learn about potential hazards in a fun and exciting way.

Children's Activities at Farm Open Days

Children's Activities at Farm Open DaysChildren almost always learn best by “doing”. When they attend Farm Open Days, they may spend some time listening and observing but they also benefit from the opportunity to get involved in activities. As well as enjoying themselves, children will develop a variety of manipulative and creative skills.

This booklet has come about by the sharing of ideas amongst members of the FACE team who attend many Farm Open Days during the year.

Download the Children's Activities at Farm Open Days booklet.


StorytellingA FACE seminar looked at the role of Storytelling in visits to farms and outdoor locations.  Fiona Collins, an experienced storyteller, looked at how stories can be used in different settings and how they can be created with young people.

Download the Storytelling Ideas Booklet.

Participants at the seminar enjoyed trying out some of the techniques and Fiona has kindly given permission for the ideas we used to be made available.
Have a go with your visiting groups and see how good storytelling can be in engaging young people in your activities!

Games for the Outdoor Classroom

Games for the Outdoor ClassroomThis booklet has come about because of a FACE seminar that was held to share ideas used whilst working with young people. We hope that you find them useful and that they provide inspiration to adapt or create your own games.

Download Games for the Outdoor Classroom

Wet Weather Activities

Wet Weather ActivitiesAnother booklet to add to your collection: FACE team members have pooled ideas (no pun intended!) for activities you can offer when wet weather hampers your programme.

Download the Wet Weather Activities Booklet.

Hands on History

Hands on HistoryThis booklet is based on ideas presented at a seminar delivered in the beautiful surroundings of Manor Farm, Dethick, Derbyshire.

Teachers and Farmers came together to find out how to incorporate history into activities both on the farm and in the classroom.

Download the Hands on History Booklet.
Easy Cooking

Easy CookingThis booklet is based on ideas presented at a variety of seminars run by FACE and/or its partners. As you will see from the photos, we often carried out the activities as adults but with a view to taking them back to our various locations to use with visiting groups of children.

Download the Easy Cooking Booklet

Trails on the Farm

Trails on the FarmSelf-guided trails are a popular way of encouraging groups to explore the farm and here are a number of ideas for you to adapt to your own location.

Download the Trails on the Farm Booklet

Rural Crafts

Rural CraftsThe activities highlighted in this online resource were taken from one of FACE’s most popular seminars. Have a go at rag rugging, weaving, corn dolly making and lots more!

Download the Rural Crafts Booklet

Papermaking, Storyboards & Bookmaking

Papermaking, storyboards and bookmaking.This e-booklet aims to summarise a FACE seminar presented by inspirational artist and FACE member Ciara Healy.

Ciara worked with a group of farmers and teachers to introduce us to the skills of paper making, storyboarding and book making. These skills can then be transferred into activities with children on the farm (or in the classroom).


Download the Papermaking, Storyboards & Bookmaking Booklet

Environmental Arts

Environmental Arts BookletFollowing on from a very successful FACE seminar, an on-line booklet of simple environmental art ideas has been produced. 

Have a look and be inspired to get artistic with children at school or on the farm!

Download the Environmental Arts Booklet

Seasonal Celebrations

Seasonal CelebrationsOne of the FACE seminars looked at seasonal celebrations and ways of using these during visits to farms.

Download the Seasonal Celebrations Booklet