Food, farming and countryside for everyone.

Working to inspire and educate future generations about farming, food and the countryside. Read more here.

LEAF Education builds on the fantastic work of FACE (Farming and Countryside Education) following the successful merger with LEAF. This is achieved by working across the education, farming and food sectors to inspire, engage and mobilise farmers and teachers about the value of farming in a learning context. We provide training and resources for teachers and help farmers navigate the world of education and support them in working with schools. 

Our ambition

Children and young people flourishing

We want all children and young people to leave school able to make inspired and informed decisions about food and its production.

We equip teachers and schools to use farming as a learning context and mobilise agriculture to engage with education.

Farming and the countryside thriving

Our vision is for a thriving British farming and agri-food community that is: highly engaged in UK education sustained by an informed and supportive public able to access top talent for the challenges of tomorrow.

Inspiring young people about food, farming and the countryside

We want to help raise a generation of food-literate young people who can play their part in feeding a hungry world population without bankrupting our natural resources. Food is not just fuel.

How we work with you

We equip teachers and mobilise farmers by creating resources, providing expert advice and connecting schools and agriculture to create learning experiences.

Equipping teachers

We create classroom resources across all keystages to help teachers deliver high-quality learning experiences about food, farming and the countryside. 

We also provide training on how to incorporate these topics into the curriculum — both in and out of the classroom — and can work with you to build teaching programmes. 

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Mobilising farmers

We want British farming and the countryside to thrive and know that public understanding beings with good learning experiences. 

We provide high-quality training, guidance and resources to give farmers the knowledge and confidence to deliver on-farm and in-classroom education to inspire the next generation.

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Partnering with business

Whether you want to engage young people in careers, communicate the work you do, train staff and suppliers, or simply "give something back", our years of experience working with organisations can help you.

Our team of education experts work with you to design the best way to engage children & young people to tell your story, develop an interest in careers and build ongoing relationships with schools, colleges and other institutions.

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Our impact

Enabling half a million school children to visit farms each year.

We take the measurement of our impact seriously and believe that the range of work we do is fundamental to achieve our vision of children flourishing, farming thriving and a healthy planet for future generations.

Learn more about the impact we have and how our work achieves our goals.

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