Pumpkin project
Monday, 21 September 2015 10:26

pumpkin 6In the south west, a collaboration between FACE and the international commercial art gallery Hauser and Wirth has been exploring all things pumpkin.  This will culminate in an event at Hauser and Wirth on 31st October, which is open to everyone.


In the lead up to this event, Debbie Hicks, our South West Co-ordinator has been working with primary and secondary schools on various pumpkin-related activities.   At one secondary school, 10 Horticulture pupils learned about sowing pumpkin seeds and providing suitable growing conditions as the plants developed.  These pupils then visited a local primary school to share their knowledge with Year 5 pupils as they worked with them to sow and grow their own pumpkins.  At another school, Year10 pupils produced a pumpkin blog as their plants developed in the school vegetable garden.  At a different school, pupils have been using the maturing pumpkins to study variation, choosing their own features to observe and measure.  In addition to increasing their understanding of how a crop is grown, these pupils have had an opportunity to develop their understanding of different ways of recording and presenting data.

We are looking forward to the fantastic event on October 31st!