Outdoor Learning in Secondary Schools: seminar in Kent
Monday, 06 June 2016 08:46

FACE200lowThe effective integration of Outdoor Learning across the whole-school is an on-going challenge which many schools face, not least Secondary schools. Making the best use of suitable spaces for Outdoor Learning, researching and exploiting local opportunities, maximising the use of on-site facilities (from limited areas suitable for growing through to a school farm), and whole-school buy-in all form a part of this challenge.

Brockhill Park Secondary School in Kent are leading the way with their OCN accredited ‘Great Outdoors’ enrichment programme for EVERY Key Stage 3 pupil in school which is now firmly embedded as a valued and integral part of the whole-school curriculum.

This seminar will provide a complete overview of the ‘Great Outdoors’ programme, from its early stage development, inception, implementation, evaluation and challenges encountered along the way. During this seminar you will be able to investigate the OCN accredited units which make up the programme, and take part in a selection of learning activities which form the various units. You will take away ideas and inspiration for developing and embedding Outdoor Learning across your own school, as well as strategies to help overcome obstacles and challenges along the way.   

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