Easy Cooking
Wednesday, 08 June 2016 12:58

Easy Cookery coverAs a contribution to Healthy Eating Week (June 13-17 2016) FACE is making available its updated Easy Cooking e-booklet (formerly available through restricted access only).

This booklet is based on ideas presented at a variety of  seminars run by FACE and/or its partners. As you will see from the photos, we often carried out the activities as adults but with a view to taking them back to our various locations to use with visiting groups of children.

Children love the hands-on approach that cookery involves. For farmers and teachers, the important thing to remember is that cooking does not have to be complicated. This booklet includes healthy no-cook projects which teach children important food assembly skills.  We also look at activities using more equipment if you have access to hobs, pans etc. The key is to be prepared—make sure everything is in place before you begin and you will be thrilled to see the fun and achievements of the children.