Centenary Education Wall Charts!
Tuesday, 17 July 2012 11:06

BESThe British Ecological Society is celebrating its centenary in 2013 and has produced a series of four wall charts exploring different areas of ecology.

Three competitions to accompany the wall charts have also been developed. They are open to schools, youth groups and families in two age groups, 5-11 yrs and 12-18 yrs.

My broadcast from space:
Choose an extreme environment on earth such as the desert, arctic tundra or hydro thermal vent and script a five minute radio broadcast on what life there can tell us about life in other worlds. 

Winners will have their programme made and broadcast with Fun Kids Radio!

My regional menu:
Create a three course meal using only ingredients you can find in your region. Be creative and think about how to use all the edible ingredients in your area. 

Winning menus will be served at the award ceremony on 26th September for 200 people.

My favourite wildlife:
Choose your favourite wildlife, it can be a bird, insect, plant or animal and use text write and illustrate a short poem on why you think that this is the most important wildlife in the UK. 

Winning entries will be included in the specially produced book “My favourite wildlife”.

The deadline for all entries is 29 April 2013 and full details including an application form can be found at 


All winning entries must be able to participate in the award ceremony on 26 September 2013.