Care Farming
What is care farming?

According to Care Farming UK, “care farming is the therapeutic use of farming practices. Care farms:

  • Utilise the whole or part of a farm
  • Provide health, social or educational care services for one or a range of vulnerable groups of people
  • Provide a supervised, structured programme of farming-related activities”

Engaging with the farm has benefits for a wide range of individuals.  They might be young people who do not thrive in a classroom environment; ex-offenders who need the opportunity to re-think their lives and their future; people with learning difficulties who enjoy being with animals or having association with the structure and rhythms of the farming world; and a multitude of others.

Many farmers find they are adept at helping the people who engage with their farms. If you are a farmer looking to find out more about care farming, go to www.carefarminguk.org . You can also search a map of care farms on the same site and find case studies.

FACE visits Pennyhook Farm

FACE visits Pennyhooks farmRecently, Dan Corlett and Janet Hickinbottom of FACE had the privilege of visiting Pennyhooks Farm, 2013 winner of the Access category in the Bayer/FACE Awards. At Pennyhooks they witnessed for themselves the special place it is and the tremendous work that goes on there with young people with Autism Spectrum Condidition.

icon You can read about the visit and find out more about Pennyhooks here.