A Business at the Farm

businessatthefarmA Business at the Farm is an educational resource for AS and GSCE Business studies students. It provides the opportunity to discover what it could be like to manage a farming business. Faced with real-life choices and challenges, students’ decisions could lead to the business being successful or failing. Although the farm and characters are fictitious, the situation the students find themselves in are all too real for farming today.

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Farming as a business

A PowerPoint presentation by Elizabeth Frearson of Bourton Manor Farm near Devizes in Wiltshire, completed as part of her Countryside Educational Visits Accreditation Scheme (CEVAS) portfolio.

The presentation comprises a series of farm profile slides for KS2 and 3 Geography linking farm scale, shape and size to land use and farm outputs

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Farming as a business farmingasabusiness.ppt (6.03mb)

FACE thanks Elizabeth Frearson for her kind permission to use this work.

The Dairy Food Chain Challenge

The Food Chain ChallengeThis is an educational resource for Key Stage 3-4 designed to explore the structure of the Dairy Food Chain and to raise awareness of the opportunities for business improvement in the Dairy Industry.

This resource consists of an Introduction and a Powerpoint presentation accompanied by resources for students to use in a day-long investigation into the dairy food chain. The investigation involves a farm visit and a role-play decision-making exercise followed by presentations.